The German Heiress by Anika Scott

When a publicist at Harper Collins sent me an email asking if I’d like to read and review this book I immediately said yes. The cover appealed to me and World War II jumped out of the description making this book a must-read for me.

As soon as I began reading the book I was hooked. The main character, Clara Falkenberg, is complex. There is a mix of hardness to her and vulnerability. I found myself intrigued by her and throughout the course of the book felt myself understanding more and more her and the choices she made.

As for the other characters in the book, I thought Jakob was the perfect balance for Clara. He’s her opposite in so many ways yet there are similarities too which made them a great match. I wasn’t overly fond of Clara’s mother, Anne. The author did a great job of creating different personalities for these characters and making them enjoyable and not so enjoyable.

The author does a fantastic job of telling Clara’s story and keeps the story moving at a pace that kept my attention from beginning to end. I was shocked when I reached the end and discovered this was the author’s debut novel. This book was written as if the author had several books under her pen. I liked her writing style and will definitely book on the lookout for future books by her.

If you are a fan of World War II novels then don’t pass up this book. Well developed characters, a good story, and excellent writing made this book an enjoyable read. Happy reading!!